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Privacy Policy

When you use our services, you’re trusting us with your information. We understand this is a big responsibility and work hard to protect your information.

The Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand how MeFy Care Private Limited collects, stores, processes and discloses the Personal Data of our visitors and the users of our products and services defined under the section ‘Products and Services’.

MeFy Care Private Limited (henceforth referred to MeFy, “we” “our” “us”) greatly respects its user’s privacy and strives to ensure that the platform caters to the highest standards of User Privacy. Please go through this document entailing the Privacy Policy followed by MeFy Care, to clear any doubts or concerns that may arise whatsoever, while navigating/using the website or our other services.

For purposes of this Privacy Notice, Personal Information refers to any information, whatsoever, that may be used individually or clubbed with others, to uniquely identify any individual. Examples of Personal Information include name, address, mobile number, and email address, and from a larger perspective, your diagnostic data.

The types of personal information that we may collect while you use our website and apps are described in this section and include both information that you provide to us and information that we collect automatically when you use MeFy’s services as defined under the ‘Products and Services’ section.

Your Consent

By entering, connecting, accessing our site or by using our products and services offered, you agree to the terms and conditions as defined in this Privacy Policy document regarding the access, use, storage and processing of your data provided. If the terms and conditions mentioned hereby do not agree with your take on the same, you may not access/use the services or products in any manner whatsoever.

If it is accessed by anyone else on your behalf, it is done under the terms of use, and is strictly your responsibility.

You are not compelled to provide any Personal/Diagnostic data to us. But any data accessed or stored by us is completely under your consent. All of it is done in accordance with all the applicable Indian laws.

Products and Services MeFy Offers :

MeFy’s “services” mean all/any website or app under MeFy, including , MeFy’s Doctor App, Individual App, Admin App and Corporate website. The apps give you the control to store and share your Personal Information, including your diagnostic data.

“Products” refer to the hardware devices MeFy offers its users with, namely Edge, Nano, Sense and Scope, which store your Personal Information as well as your Biometric and Diagnostic Data.

The products and services provide a number of facilities that cover telemedicine call, a portable and complete diagnosis system, and multiple testing systems in a single device.

The Information We Collect, Why and How?

Data We Collect

Why It Is Collected

Period Of Storage

Effects Of Not Providing It

Browsing The Website (Excluding the Location Feature)

NO personal information

Using Location Feature to find nearby MeFy Clinic

The geolocation of the device (only if permitted)

To provide details about the nearest MeFy clinic to the user

Not stored

The location feature doesn’t work

Signing Up as Provider

Personal Information (Name, Gender, Information, etc.) (Completely optional to provide)

To contact with further details

Stored for future references

Cannot sign up as a provider

Becoming a Part of the MeFy Team

Personal Details (Name, Gender, Email, Phone, City, Position Interested In)

To fairly scrutinise each candidate, inform them about recruitment and contact

Stored for evaluation of potential employees

Cannot apply for the position

For Buying Devices/Products

  • Personal Information (Name, Gender, Contact Information, City of Residence)

  • Health Information (Medical Conditions diagnosed with, Ongoing Treatment, if any)

  • Payment Information (Credit or Debit Card details, such as Card Number, Expiry Date, CVV)

  • To facilitate the buying of products, and its delivery.

  • To provide the best diagnosis tailored for the client, based on their health information

Stored to enable easy access to cards for smooth future transactions.

  • Cannot buy the device/product, if the payment information is not provided.

  • May not receive correct diagnosis, if the health information is not provided.

To join MeFy as a Doctor

Personal Information (Name, Gender, Contact Information, City of Practice, License Number, Languages known for communication, Field of Specialisation, Educational Background, Image)

To assign clients to the best suited doctor according to the doctor’s specialisation, languages known, etc. The license number, educational background and other such related information is used to verify the doctor.

Stored to keep track of the doctors connecting with us and to assign patients to them on mutual agreement.

Cannot join MeFy as a Doctor without providing all necessary information.

When using our Devices/Products

  • Personal Information (Name, Gender, Contact Information, City of Residence)

  • Biometric Information

  • Health Information

  • Body Measurements (Height, Weight, BMI, Blood Group etc.)

To provide correct diagnosis with security using the biometric information provided

Stored to enable efficient working of the device.

Hampers smooth working of the device

MeFy also collects the feedback provided by its customers, or answers to any survey/assessment you undertake willingly. The information is required for the betterment of MeFy’s facilities and to provide our users with the best experience with us.

To summarise, MeFy only uses the information provided by you for:-

  • Providing you with the best form of its services, or personalized services

  • To communicate with you, in cases as aforementioned, through email/text. You can also stop this service anytime after its activation.

Actions We Take To Protect And Store User Information

  • Security Measures : MeFy has taken all measures as such to protect data from accidental loss, or any unauthorized access to such information. MeFy’s website and apps implement OTP (One-Time Password) when the user tries signing in with their RMN (Registered Mobile Number). It also sends the user notifications, when the user/third-party signs in using their credentials. MeFy implements multi-factor authentication to provide its users with the best experience and security. The user can sign out from the devices at that very moment.

  • Retention of Your Personal Data : MeFy stores the healthcare information of its users for long periods of times. Any information stored, is voluntarily provided by the user. It is required by us to provide diagnosis to the user catering only to him, and use the data (in this case, mass data and not individual data) to tailor our services for the betterment of our clients.

Mefy maintains reasonable technical, administrative and physical controls to secure any Personal Information collected through all of MeFy’s Services. However, there is always some risk that an unauthorized third party could intercept an Internet transmission, or that someone will find a way to thwart our security systems. We urge you to exercise caution when transmitting Personal Information over the Internet, especially your financial-related information. MeFy cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not gain access to your Personal Information; therefore, when submitting Personal Information to the MeFy site, you must weigh both the benefits and the risks.

How We Share The Personal Data

MeFy shares the personal data only to authorized healthcare professionals, if and when, the user needs their expert consultation, or for diagnosis. In this case, the data is shared with the healthcare professional only during the consultation. The access is curbed as soon as the consultation is complete.

MeFy may share the personal information collected by it, as follows:

  • With certain government agencies or regulators to comply with some laws, or if ordered to do so by any court order as such.

  • With our research partners, with the required permission from users, for working on our services to advance it.

  • With the marketing department or any other concerned department, when the user opts in for additional services.

  • On any request from the Legal departments or regulators with them, after careful discretion.

If you want to receive the list of all the recipients of your personal data, please contact us via the “Contact Us” on website, the contact information on the Mobile App of MeFy, or, by emailing us at

Security Overview

MeFy acknowledges that your Personal Information is very important and sensitive to you. Hence, it takes every necessary information to store it and prevent any leakage of it from any department that uses or processes the information. Any and every data collected, is treated with absolute and utmost importance and is stored taking all necessary measures.

Third Party Links and Interaction

To facilitate smooth use of the website and to enable interaction, MeFy uses other Third Party Applications, such as websites, mobile software applications, and services not owned by MeFy. The Privacy Policies of any such Third Party Applications are not under our authority. We would like to remind you that these Third Party Applications can collect your information and it is not our responsibility. We advise you to read the Privacy Policies of these individual Third Party Apps that you choose or interact with.

Additional Information Regarding Personal Data Transfer

MeFy stores all data using the Cloud Server and its devices.

Internal Transfers - MeFy may authorize its team members to access any such data (never individual data. Only mass data) for improving the service it provides, or for mass analysis.

External Transfers - MeFy never shares any data that can be used to identify any of its users. Care is taken to ensure only aggregated data is shared which can never be back-tracked to any client, and such de-identifying data may be shared for health surveys or for any census by the Government.

Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies

MeFy’s website does not implement cookies or any other tracking technologies. A ‘cookie’ is a packet of data that a computer receives and sends back without altering it. Cookies collect information about the parts of the website you are visiting and help in presenting you with relevant information.

Privacy Compliance for International Users

MeFy is based in Pune, Maharashtra, India, meaning that its privacy policies are in compliance with the Indian privacy laws. MeFy takes no responsibility, or cannot be held at contempt if its website doesn’t follow foreign privacy laws. We would advise you to read your country’s privacy policies and deduce whether it is appropriate for you to use.

Deletion/Termination of Your Account

Changes to Our Privacy Statement

We reserve the right to change this Statement time to time and in our sole discretion. We will alert you when any changes have been made by indicating the date it was last updated as the date the Statement became effective. When you visit or use the Sites, apps, or the device, you accept the version of the Statement in effect at that time. We recommend that you periodically revisit this Statement to learn of any changes.

We will only use Personal Information in the manner described in this Privacy Policy in effect when the information was collected from you or as authorized by you. However, and subject to any applicable consent requirements, we reserve the right to change the terms of this Privacy Policy at any time. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be reflected on this page with a new effective date. . Any Personal Information collected upon your continued use of the MeFy site, will be handled in accordance with the currently-posted Privacy Policy.

Children’s laws –

Our products or services are not intended for use by children and minors. Parents are requested to ensure that personal information is not provided by minors. However, this does not intend to prohibit information on minors and children being provided by the parents with respect to any product or service offered by MeFy Care