MeFy Care Private Ltd.

Quality Policy

MeFy Care Private Limited was founded on 6th August, 2018, with the vision to revolutionize the healthcare industry by making healthcare easily accessible to all. The company, based in Pune, India, offers its services in the Indian subcontinent and aims to expand its reach.

MeFy values quality and excellence above all else and strives to provide its customers with the best products, services and experience. MeFy commits to maintain a standard of quality and continually improve its standards. MeFy works recurrently on improving its products’ and services’ quality to meet and exceed its customers’ expectations and to deliver quality products.

For this purpose, MeFy has developed a Quality Management System (QMS) to provide a frame for the measurement and improvement of our standards and quality.

To ensure that the Quality Policy is followed throughout the Company, at all levels, MeFy has put up the following procedures and systems to uphold its customers’ interest:

  • Holding regular meetings to monitor, discuss and implement customer feedback

  • Positively reviewing customer complaint and acting on it to for corrective action

  • Selecting and regularly monitoring all suppliers and distributors on the basis of set parameters

  • Regular training and monitoring for the development of skills of every Mefyineer.

  • Frequent audit of the internal working and processes

  • Frequently measure the quality objectives to fulfil our business aims and vision

  • Have the management review all audit results, customer feedback and complaint

  • Implement every policy, document, and, procedure with the required training approved by our authorized and credible management systems (under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001) which are appropriate for our working and operations

  • Assess all products and services, to identify and manage risks to eliminate harm in the form of illnesses and injury, to our customers

  • Monitor, measure, evaluate, and, report our performance progress with respect to set targets and key performance indicators

A manual underlining all the procedures and the quality guidelines are available to all Mefyineers.

MeFy values the environment and is committed to going green so as to sustain the environment and promote it. Health, safety and environmental sustainability (HSES)/(MHS) is fundamental to the way MeFy operates. MeFy is aware of its responsibility towards humanity, society and the environment and works to establish leadership responsibilities for the same. We consciously and efficiently use natural resources and urge all our employees and clients do to do the same, making small changes towards a better future.

MeFy knows that its employees are the ones that make a difference and are essential to achieving its vision and aim. To ensure that the quality is fulfilled and maintained at all levels, MeFy makes sure all its employees are acquainted and well-rehearsed in its Quality Policy and Quality Management System. MeFy makes every effort to ensure that the staff communicates openly with one another to make it a healthy work environment. Any injury, near misses, illnesses or environmental incidents will be reported and investigated. MeFy also provides effective support and return to work programs to any member on injury at work, and always seeks ways to promote the well-being of its people. MeFy respects the traditional rights and culture native to the place of work.

As a whole, the Quality is the responsibility of the Managing Director, but all employees have a responsibility within their work area to make sure that the Quality is adhered to and thus, implemented throughout the company.